How To Access to Amazon Apps Market From Outside the US

Every Kindle Fire owner knows the following scenario:
You grab your Kindle Fire, browse through the Amazon App Store, you find the app that you want, try to download it and then Amazon Tells you that you cannot buy it since you don't live inside the US even if its Free!.

Well i know that my heart was broken several time because of this limitation.

And i know what you are thinking: "Whats the problem?! , root your device, enable third party applications, install the google framework, install the market application and do this and do that ...."

But what if i don't want to root my device?
What if i don't wont to go through all this trouble?
What if i don't know how to do any of those stuff?!

Well you don't have to!

Spimi-Tech exclusively gives you these 5 simple steps to download free apps (and free only!) from the Amazon market.
- No need to root your device
- No need for technical abilities
- And most important - No need to live within the US!!

1. Open Amazon and select to add a new credit card:

2. Enter the following card details:
    This list is the public list of test credit card numbers given by Paypal for 
    developers. Those cards has no balance or account related to them 
    and no actual money behind them.

3. Billing address - you can select any address you like as long as it exists -
    i usually go for hotels.

4. Type in your password again (this is a confirmation for Amazon that your 
    account was not left open and someone is modifying it without permission)

5. Now you will see that your new details are updated 

Thats All! 
Now go to "Amazon App Store" on your Kindle Fire and enjoy all the applications that are free.

Remember where you saw this first! 
Only On Spimi-Tech.